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The Atomic & Spectrometry – A&MS research group is specialized in the determination, speciation and isotopic analysis of (trace) elements using ICP – mass spectrometry (ICP-MS). In 1987, the first ICP-MS instrument was installed in the A&MS unit. Currently, the research group has 6 ICP-MS instruments at its disposal. Two quadrupole-based ICP - mass spectrometers equipped with a collision/reaction cell, an ICP-MS/MS unit equipped with an octopole collision/reaction cell and providing double mass selection, a single-collector sector field ICP - mass spectrometer that can be operated at higher mass resolution, a Mattauch-Herzog ICP-MS unit permitting the entire elemental mass spectrum to be monitored simultaneously and a multi-collector ICP - mass spectrometer as a dedicated tool for high-precision isotopic analysis. A variety of sample introduction techniques, including miniaturized nebulizers, aerosol desolvation units, laser ablation (LA) systems and chromatographic and electrophoretic separation techniques allow selection of optimum conditions for each individual application.

Current recent lines include:

  • Direct bulk and spatially resolved analysis of solid samples using laser ablation – ICP-MS, including depth profiling analysis and 2-dimensional elemental mapping.
  • Development of methods for high-precision isotopic analysis using multi-collector ICP-MS in the context of research projects in geo- and cosmochemistry, archeometry and biomedical research.
  • Development of cold methods for quantitative metabolite profiling of candidate drug molecules.
  • Fundamental studies on the capabilities and limitations of novel types of ICP-MS instrumentation, aiming at an assessment of their capabilities and limitations and an extension of their application range.

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