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Our group, SCRiPTS (Sol-gel Centre for Research on Inorganic Powders and Thin films Synthesis), consisting of 12 PhD researchers, 2 postdocs, and 5 master students, performs research into solution based synthesis routes for the preparation of ceramic coatings, nanoparticles and bulk materials. (Prof. I Van Driessche - Prof. K De Buysser).

Metal oxides suited for a broad range of applications, can be synthesized using environmentally friendly precursor solutions consisting of metal salts stabilized in a selected solvent, preferably water. These solutions can be used to deposit ceramic coatings through the use of different deposition techniques and a thermal treatment to crystallize the metal oxides and remove residual organics. An alternative approach that is gaining more and more importance is the use of oxide nanocrystals. They can be obtained through bottom-up synthesis methods and are used in the form of colloidal suspensions. SCRiPTS aims at developing environmental friendly synthesis and deposition procedures by carefully selecting the chemicals used, by working in water whenever possible and by reducing the energy input required for the conversion of the precursor to the functional material, being a coating or a bulk sample.

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