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Created in 2002, the group is active in a variety of research projects that have Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy in common as the main investigative technique.

Current projects range from structure elucidation and conformational analysis of natural or synthetic bioactive compounds, over method development for the investigation of colloidal dispersions of semi conductor nanocrystal or organic pigments, to host-guest interactions in supramolecular chemistry, biomolecular NMR or the analysis of metabolites in biological fluids such as blood serum or cerebrospinal fluid. It testifies to the vast application scope of this wonderful technique, perhaps best known to the general public from its application in imaging (MRI).

We are firm believers of strong collaborative research projects , providing our research partners with extensive knowledge, expertise and modern technological platform in solution state and soft matter NMR spectroscopy. Entirely in this spirit, the group hosts the high field 700 MHz Interuniversitary NMR Facility , jointly operated with the HNMR group from the VUB and the TNMR group of the UA . Together with these partners we provide a unique technological platform open to all researchers from the partner institutes as well as to other parties, including industry.

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