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The research unit ‘Fibre and Colouration Technology’ is embedded in the Department of Textiles, under the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture. The research activities at the Department of Textiles deal with various aspects of fibrous materials with key areas such as fibre production and processing for advanced applications as well as smart textile materials.  The ‘Fibre and Colouration Technology’ unit is focused on the production and analysis of fibres in relation with the end-characteristics of the fibrous materials.

The research highlights are:

  • Fibre technology: A range of fibre production and processing steps (electrospinning, extrusion, heat-setting, growth modifications for natural fibres, dyeing, coatings) are studied for a range of fibre types (PET, PA, PP, cellulose,…).
  • Electrospinning of nanofibres: Electrospinning is a key research topic within the group with emphasis on the relation between the stability of the spinning process and resulting fibre characteristics.
  • Colouration technology of fibres: A clear focus is given towards colour-changing textiles. An understanding of the colouration process and the dye-fibre interactions is essential.

The common approach in the above is to use an in-depth analysis of the fibre morphology as a tool to better understand the production and processing steps. Expertise is mainly built on the experimental study of fibrous materials using a wide range of characterisation techniques (microscopy, thermal analysis, mechanical analysis, spectroscopy,…).

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