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The main focus of the organic synthesis research group is the chemical synthesis and derivatisation of organic compounds with non-trivial carbon connectivities, such as those found in polycyclic Natural Products. The design and selection of target structures is guided by a specific interest in reactivity patterns and/or a specific interest in biological phenomena. This research often follows a substrate-driven approach which relies on the use of highly modular synthetic intermediates as versatile building blocks or chemical platforms for various applications.

The chemical synthesis research mainly involves

  • the development of novel strategies and methods to assemble complex polycyclic scaffolds found in Nature, focusing on multiple bond forming steps such as cycloadditions and cascade reactions.
  • The chemical derivatisation research focuses on the development of application-oriented versatile covalent ligation reactions (such as click-type reactions) to generate multiple functional derivatives from simple substrates or synthetic intermediates.                                                                  
  • A major recent theme, which encompasses both of the above general topics, consists of research directed at the design and synthesis of highly modular synthetic building blocks that allow a rapid exploration of Natural Product-like chemical space using simple and orthogonal functional group transformations. 
  • The concepts of versatile ligation/functionalisation reactions and modular building blocks in organic synthesis are also explored and applied in various collaborative research projects ranging from macromolecular and materials science to chemical biology. 

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