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The research group 'Centre for Polymer & Material Technologies - CPMT' embodies the research, education and services related to polymer technology and additive manufacturing within Ghent University. Our experience is based on knowledge procured form polymer and textile education (since 1955) on one side and on the other side form research and company-related services (since 1970). CPMT is part of a large national and international scientific network concerning polymer processing, mould making, biopolymers and additive manufacturing (rapid prototyping). To fulfill the research and service, state-of-the-art equipment is available.

The research of CPMT can be subdivided in the following research activities:

  • Product design and product development
  • Polymer processing and mould making
  • Additive manufacturing (technical and biomedical (scaffolds) applications)
  • Physical and physical-chemical characterization of polymers and textiles

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