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The research of the Supramolecular Chemistry group is inspired by the beauty of natural self-assembly processes. Nature exploits a limited number of building blocks in combination with non-covalent and hydrophobic interactions to build complex functional assemblies, such as proteins and cells.
The research aims to develop well-defined synthetic structures with controlled ordering and/or self-assembly resulting in functional systems. The use of synthetic building blocks allows a higher level of complexity when compared to the limited diversity in Nature.

Moreover, the combination of well-defined ‘smart’ polymer structures with supramolecular interactions provides an ideal platform to develop functional systems for, e.g., sensors and diagnostics, drug delivery and responsive hydrogels. The research of the group can be subdivided in three research directions:

• Supramolecular polymers
• ‘Smart’ responsive polymer structures
• Poly(2-oxazoline)s as pseudo-polypeptides

These goals are achieved using advanced synthetic methods, including organic chemistry as well as living and controlled polymerization techniques. In addition, state-of-the-art analytical tools are available for structural as well as property investigations. Furthermore, a fully automated parallel synthesis robot is available to accelerate the optimization of reaction parameters as well as to prepare libraries of molecules and polymers.


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