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How we collaborate

Collaborations with Sectoral Partners

ChemTech collaborates with all industrial stakeholders, including sectoral partners as the collective centra, competence pools and other intermediairy structures.

Some examples:

Catalisti, the cluster for Chemistry and Plastics, will primarily serve companies in Flanders by building partnerships betweenindividual companies as well as with research institutions, sector associations and governments. By being a central and neutral partner, companies canconcentrate on their core business and use the cluster to easily stay connected with all appropriate authorities. http://catalisti.be/

This way, we want to anchor the chemical and plastics sector in Flanders, making the cluster even more innovative, strengthen competitiveness and enhance their global reach.


FlandersBio is the umbrella organisation for the life sciences and biotechnology sector in Flanders. Founded in 2004 as a not-for-profit (vzw), it is a fee based organisation and currently has more than 250 members. FlandersBio’s mission is to support and further develop the life sciences & biotechnology sector.




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