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Novel Hydrogel Precursors

Our novel hydrogel precursors have the unique properties of being able to be crosslinked (UV-cured) in the solid state (in the absence of solvent), allowing to accurately preshape the material via solidification through several processing techniques, prior to hydrogel formation. Moreover, highly biocompatible materials are obtained because the covalent
crosslinking of the precursors can occur without addition of photo-initiators.

Read more about this UGent Patented Technology of the research group of Prof Dubruel in collaboration with Allnex:

Technology Offer: Novel hydrogel precursors opening unprecedented processing avenues in the biomedical field

Publication: Flexible oligomer spacers as the key to solid-state photopolymerisation of hydrogel precursors

Cell-Interactive Polyesters intended for Medical Applications

Researchers at Ghent University have engineered PET-like polyesters with unique surface properties when compared with their commercially available homologues (PET or ePTFE), namely cell-interactive properties towards endothelial cells.

This is a highly advantageous property as it allows surface endothelialisation which facilitates the implant integration and acceptance within the human body and eliminates any haemocompatibility issues (the main cause of vascular graft failure). This unique property motivates the direct use fo vascular grafts without the need of applying an additonal coating to ensure the biological integration of the implant.

Technolgy Offer: Cell-Interactive Polyesters intended for Medical Applications 

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