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ChemTech Lifesciences in Vienna at BIO-Europe - 04/11/2013

In addition to productive partnering, BIO-Europe offers high level workshops, panels, company presentations, and a lively exhibition. The program offers executive level panelists who openly share their insight and opinion on many important industry issues. The company presentation tracks provide a forum for innovative start-ups, established biotech companies, and large and midsize pharma to present information on products, partnering opportunities and corporate strategy. We hope to meet you there!

European Industrial Doctorate for PCR and DOW - 24/06/2013

The research proposal “SUSCOAT - Sustainable multifunctional coating resins for scavenging applications” prepared by a Dow-UGent PCR team obtained full funding from the European Seventh Framework Program. It was submitted end of 2012 under the European Industrial Doctorate (EID) category. This new EID initiative is meant to encourage collaborative academia-industry innovation between different European countries. The SUSCOAT proposal was rated at 91.8/100 and ranked 12th overall of the 750 European proposals that made the threshold of 70/100.

ChemTech presents at the inter-IOF-event - 23/04/2013

In follow up on the succesfull IOF-initiative of 2012, a second IOF-event will take place on April 23th, 2013 and will be hosted by UGent at our beautiful meeting location “het Pand”. Theme of the meeting is open collaboration.

ChemTech will present its involvement in two inter-university-collaborations:

"The European Centre of Chirality" ,a spin off incubation, serving charactersiation solutions to the pharma and biotech market. 

The new concept of the "Flanders CBI" initiative that wants to organize and promote "Chemical solutions to foster Biological Innovations"

Chemtech will further present via poster boards/booth the expertise cells activities in polymer technolgies and the Advanced Analysis platform.

Looking forward to a splendid meeting.

ChemTech displayed at Procter & Gamble’s “Connect + Develop day” - 26/02/2013

 What is Connect + Develop? It's P&G’s version of open innovation: the practice of tapping externally developed intellectual property to accelerate internal innovation and sharing P&G’s internally developed assets and know-how to help others outside the Company.
Procter & Gamble has concluded framework agreements with the universities of Ghent and Leuven. In this way the company wants to lift its successful open innovation policy, called “Connect + Develop”, to a higher level. These new agreements should enable innovative ideas to be realized quicker and more efficient, in order to yield a higher benefit to all parties.
In these agreements, arrangements have been made about intellectual property and confidentiality, to avoid time-consuming discussions in ongoing and future research projects. 
Bart and An took the opportunity to present and explain the ChemTech technologies and offerings in Strombeek-Bever. P&G researcher showed a truly and promising interest in our unique Polymer expertise and Chemical Analysis cluster.

ChemTech partners with Galapagos in an IWT funded project on new antibiotics - 10/01/2013

The research group of Prof. dr. Johan Van der Eycken, member of the Industrial Research Fund consortium ChemTech, partners with Galapagos NV in a large research project that recently was awarded a €2.7 million grant from the Flemish agency for Innovation by Science and Technology (IWT) to discover new antibiotic treatments. A number of bacteria have become resistant to existing antibiotics, posing a pressing healthcare problem. In November 2012, Galapagos announced the selection of a candidate drug targeting DNA pol III alpha (DnaE) and which shows strong activity against all tested drug resistant Staphylococcus aureus, including the 'hospital bacterium' MRSA.

In this three-year, IWT-funded project, Galapagos will exploit its know-how in DNA pol III alpha (DnaE) to discover new antibiotic treatments against additional bacterial species beyond what the company has developed thus far. The group of Prof. dr. Johan Van der Eycken together with dr. Johan Winne will perform Medicinal Chemistry research, acting as a bridge between hit finding and lead optimization. Knowledge on how the properties of the drug candidate can be influenced by medicinal chemistry will allow the assessment of the feasibility to obtain potent, selective and drugable compounds. The group of Prof. dr. Wim Versées with expertise on crystallography from the Free University Brussels is also partner in the project .

This antibacterial program focuses on blocking the activity of a protein in bacteria, DnaE, that is essential for carrying out their own reproduction. DnaE is ubiquitous and an essential protein in both Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria, making it a highly desirable target for antibacterial therapy. Molecules active against the DnaE of other individual species will be sought, prioritizing Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Enterococcus faecium which are amongst those nominated by infectious disease specialists as posing the most urgent medical need. Upon project completion, Galapagos aims to generate at least one novel candidate antibacterial drug.

"With our CAM-1 candidate drug we are already a step closer to a solution to MRSA infections, but there is still a need for medicines against other resistant bacteria," said Dr Piet Wigerinck, CSO of Galapagos. "With this grant, we can support the search for more novel inhibitors of the antibacterial target DNA pol III alpha to fight against these difficult-to-treat bacterial species."

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