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Meet Chemtech at BioEurope in Berlin on 6-8th of November - 04/11/2017

This "must-attend" event is Europe's largest life science partnering conference.

BIO-Europe's world-class workshops, panels and active exhibition along with thousands of prescheduled one-to-one meetings make this event an unrivaled forum for companies across the biotech value chain to meet and do business.

Connect with ChemTech via the partnering tool or leave your contact details at the Belgian Booth in Hall B, booth 96.

Invitation to industrial matchmaking event on 28th of September - 14/09/2017

Interreg 2 Seas Project DERMA organises an Industrial Matchmaking and Showcase Event on

chronic dermal wounds and wound dressings

2-5 pm, 28th September, De Oude Vismijn, Ghent Belgium.

You are cordially invited to attend a free stakeholder matchmaking event hosted by DERMA projectleaders of Ghent University: Research Group of Prof. Peter Dubruel and Prof Sandra Van Vlierberghe.

The Objective of DERMA is to develop new interventions for the management and treatment of dermal ulcers and related skin conditions. Read more on www.derma2seas.eu

In search of Chemist or Bio-engineer for Baekeland Mandate - 21/07/2017

ChemTech is looking for a Bio-engineer of Chemist (MSc) with strong affinity for polymer chemistry and plants and agriculture to start Baekeland Mandate for PhD research in collaboration with industry for the development of slow release organic fertilizers.

Have a look at required profile 

http://www.chemtech.ugent.be/upload/files/call Baekeland slow releasevf.pdf

or find more information about Baekeland Mandate program on the VLAIO-website https://www.iwt.be/subsidies/baekeland-mandaten

Plasma Dye Coating shortlisted at Emerging Technologies Competition 2017 - 03/06/2017

UGent-Chemtech is proud to annouce that the proprietary "Plasma Dye Coating technology" of the Supramolecular Research Group of Prof Hoogenboom is shortlisted for the Emerging Technologies Competition 2017 organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Inventor, dr. Gertjan Vancoillie will pitch this great technology at the "Chemistry Means Business"- event on June 13th, in Manchester, UK.

Chemtech will attend the RSC meeting and the award winning event of the Emerging Technologies Competition 2017, we strongly support Gertjan and hope the technolgy gets awarded. http://www.rsc.org/competitions/emerging-technologies/shortlisted-entries-2017/#materials

Plasma dye coating procedure: Dye-immobilization on polymeric materials

Ghent University’s new technology introduces a straightforward procedure for the fabrication of coloured polymeric materials. It uses covalent surface immobilisation of the desired dye using plasma-generated surface radicals. The procedure is generally applicable with a wide variety of dyes and a broad range of materials using the same simple method. Read more about our technology offer 


If you interested or want to know more please contact us http://www.chemtech.ugent.be/en/contact-address

Meet An VDBulcke at CRIG booth at KfG event on 18th of May - 17/05/2017

Visit the Cancer Research Institute Ghent or CRIG-booth 76 at Knowledge for Growth event.

ChemTech Business Developer An Van Den Bulcke will attend the KfG - 2017, connect with her via the partnering tools or make an appointment via the GRIG booth


The mission of CRIG is to stimulate and accelerate cancer research, 

via different objectives:

  • Stimulating top research
  • Collaborating and sharing knowledge and technology, across different expertise domains
  • Interaction between the lab and the clinic
  • Communicating and interacting with the outside world
  • Education and networking for young researchers
  • Valorization of research

More info on CRIG can be collected at BOOTH 76 (close to posters).

Meet ChemTech in London at Peptide Congress on 24-25 April - 25/04/2017


Over 400 peptides, proteins and antibodies attendees representing global pharmaceutical organizations, leading biotech companies and internationally renowned academic institutions

Over 25 presentations and case studies focusing on the key advancements in peptides technologies, chemistry, formulation & delivery as well as peptide therapeutics.

Prof Annemieke Madder is presenting the Furan technology at the peptide conference.

Two-day interactive conference addressing three main themes:

Recent Progress in Peptide Technologies & Manufacturing
Peptide Discovery & Development: Peptide Chemistry, Formulation & Delivery
Advances in Peptide Therapeutics
Co-located with the 10th Annual Proteins & Antibodies Congress

14 pre-scheduled one to one meetings, exhibition and informal networking opportunities


Winner of 2017 (Bio)macromolecules Award is Prof. R. Hoogenboom - 07/04/2017

2017 Biomacromolecules/ Macromolecules Young Investigator Award Winners Announced:

The ACS journals Biomacromolecules, Macromolecules and ACS Macro Letters in partnership with the Division of Polymer Chemistry are proud to announce the selection of Professors Richard Hoogenboom of Ghent University and Rachel O’Reilly of the University of Warwick, as the winners of the 2017 Biomacromolecules/Macromolecules Young Investigator Award. Professors Hoogenboom and O’Reilly will be honored during an award symposium at the ACS Fall National Meeting, August 20-24, 2017 in Washington, DC.

Richard Hoogenboom, Ghent University

Professor Hoogenboom was selected in recognition of his outstanding contributions in development of adaptive and responsive materials inspired by natural self-assembly processes. Prof. Hoogenboom’s work has significantly advanced poly(2-oxazoline)s as next generation biomaterials while his work on adaptive and responsive polymers led to novel sensing and drug delivery concepts and provided novel insights on kinetic control over supramolecular polymer systems.

Rachel O’Reilly, University of Warwick

Professor O’Reilly was selected for this honor in recognition of her exceptional contributions in development of synthetic methodologies for functional polymer materials and engineered polymer nanoparticles. Her work has impacted the three primary areas of self-assembly, DNA templated chemistries and responsive polymers. Her accomplishments have significantly advanced the field of macromolecular design and polymeric nanoparticle synthesis for increasingly advanced applications.

ChemTech techoffers also available via IN-PART - 15/02/2017

Meet Chemtech at Drug Delivery & Formulation summit in Berlin on 27-28th of March - 15/03/2017

The DDF Summit brings the most innovative and exciting studies to you.
You’ll hear from the greatest minds in pharma, academia and technology. Don’t miss the keynote session from Ex FDA Director of Division of Product Research, Dr Mansoor Khan.

Covering both small molecules and biologics, with 3 dedicated streams and 60 speakers across 3 days, you’ll find new technologies, concepts and case studies in areas such as…

  • Oral delivery of biologics – bioavailability, modelling and innovative drug delivery systems
  • Injectability of highly concentrated protein formulations
  • Understanding and control of amorphous solid dispersions
  • Nanoparticles – preparation, progress and future potential
  • Challenges of paediatric drug delivery
  • Microneedles and the latest transdermal delivery systems

Confo Therapeutics starts collaboration with ChemTech - 02/02/2017

Chemtech starts collaboration with Confo Therapeutics.

Confo Therapeutics is an emerging drug discovery company, today announced that it has received a €1.6 million grant from Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO). Confo Therapeutics will use the grant, which has a duration of 2 years and which will mostly be allocated to the Company’s Drug Discovery Center in Gent, to discover new GPCR agonist compounds for the treatment of fibrosis. 

read more in press release and on website

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