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Cell & Tissue Engineering event of U(Z)Gent on 24th of April - 10/03/2020



Friday April 24, 2020

Organized by the Industrial Research Fund (IOF)

Dear colleagues,

In our ‘Connecting Expertise’ event series, we have the pleasure to invite you to an invitation only network event on April 24, 2020 to introduce you to the latest technologies and expertise at Ghent University, University Hospital Ghent, VIB-Ghent departments & university colleges in the broad domains of Cell & Tissue Engineering.

During this event, short technology pitches will be presented next to research groups pitching their particular needs. The first session will focus on clinical applications followed by a second session presenting technical challenges or solutions. The sessions will be interspersed with rounds of speed-dating to create an optimal environment for connecting expertise among participants.

We welcome basic and clinical researchers with backgrounds in biology, physics, chemistry, pharmacology, medicine and engineering working on all areas related to cell and tissue engineering-based technologies and approaches towards cellular therapies, advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP's) and regenerative medicine.

- Biomaterials
- 3D (bio)printing & scaffolds
- Developmental (stem) cell biology
- Stem cells models and organoids
- Cell manufacturing & cell culture technology
- Cell delivery platforms
- Microfluidics and sensor fabrication, organ-on-chip
- Drug (toxicity) screening models
- Computational modelling
- Cell therapies
- Clinical & therapeutic areas

Pitch your expertise
Interested in pitching your idea? Please fill in this template before April 1, 2020.

You will shortly receive an official, personal invitation with more details on the programme. Meanwhile we would like to ask you to make a note in your diary for April 24, 2020 from 12pm to 5pm. You can already register for this event via the 'Register'-button below before April 21, 2020. Registration only possible with a personal invitation.

Auditorium 4
Sint-Denijslaan 485
B-9000 Ghent

We hope to welcome you all numerously!

Kind regards,
The organising team

Cell & Tissue Engineering platform
Coordinated by Gudrun Antoons

IOF-Business Development team
Dominic De Groote, An Van Den Bulcke, Frederik Leys, Ilse Christiaens, Daisy Flamez, David Aubert


ChemTech a University Ghent Valorisation unit
Krijgslaan 281 S4 - B-9000 Gent