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The European Centre for Chirality

ChemTech gives guidance and coordinates the necessary business support for the spin-off preparation of EC²:

The European Centre for Chirality (EC²)

Is an analytical services business providing a number of chiral related analytical programmes such as chiral structural determination and related applications. EC² offers both VCD and ROA techniques together known as Vibrational Optical Activity (VOA) to undertake its service based activities.
EC² is a unique blend of expertise and a resource provided through the partnership of the BioTools Inc, University of Antwerp and Ghent University and is dedicated to help advance the understanding the role chirality plays in biological processes.

The EC² mission is to help academic and industrial scientists in a broad range of chirality related applications through offering services ranging from the determination of absolute chiral configurations, VOA measurements, computational modelling, including expert consultancy, VOA workshops to open access instrumentation and even tailor made programmes designed to meet your experimental needs.

If you would like to discuss how EC² can support you and design a service package that meets your needs please contact either:

Sergey Sergeyev
(Chief Operating Officer at EC²: located at the University Of Antwerp)
Tel +32 (0)3 2653386
e-mail: serguei.sergueev@ua.ac.be


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