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A versatile platform of tailor made Poly(2-oxazoline)s: ULTROXA

Early 2018, The spin-off company  AVROXA was created and is commited to design, develop and manufacture a full range of ultra-defined Poly(2-oxazoline)s (PAOx, POx or POZ) (brandname ULTROXA(R)), unique biocompatible polymers for applications in therapeutics, drug formulation, nanomedicnes, biomaterials and diagnostics.

The emerging interest in PAOx is based on their highly tunable and beneficial properties, including high stability, high biocompatibility and stealth behavior, i.e. the polymer suppresses interactions with proteins and is therefore not easily recognised by the immune system. In contrast with the current gold standard poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG), PAOx are non-immunogenic, have low viscosity, enable high drug loads and the incorporation of targeting and tracking moieties in a single polymer chain. In 2015, a first polyoxazoline-product entered Phase-I clinical trials.

With over 30 years of combined experience on PAOx synthesis, application development and state-of-the-art equipment, the teamof Prof Hoogenboom has developed a clear-cut method to produce high quality pol(2-oxazoline) homopolymers and copolymers and its derivatives. Our patented products meet the specifications needed for biomedical applications regarding purity and molecular mass definition.

Your source of high quality ultra pure poly(2-oxazoline)s can be obtained via our distributors Sigma Aldrich (Merck) and TCI or  via the ULTROXA-website : www.ultroxa.com. AVROXA help you to develop new innovative products by providing a scalable source of tailor-made polymers which best suits your needs for your application.

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